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customized wholesale

Are you an independent producer with a strive for excellence?  ZETA - THETA  can standardize and package extra virgin olive oil under your brand name and help you create your unique product .

To become a whole sales  partner fill in our contact form with your request and we will come back to you with the most competitive offer. 


  • Our facilities are accessible to visitors at specific times. You can find out a lot about the extra virgin olive oil's quality, nutritional value, analyzing methods of the product and get a taste of standardizing and packaging process.

  • Moreover we arrange TASTING EVENTS with special greek flavors using extra virgin olive oil ...  and WORKSHOPS  where  you can learn how to produce your own pure soap and beauty products with olive oil and other natural ingredients!


Only the best of the best! ZETA - THETA specializes in extra virgin olive oil. 

You can order our products in various sizes of canned and bottled packaging or ask for our bottle (flint) 100 ml or special bottle sized 20 ml both deal for hotels and restaurants. All bottles can be produced with non refillable caps.

- Mellow :Soft prime tasted extra virgin olive oil with the light scent of green olive.

Acidity less than 0.3.

Available in cans of 100 ml, 175ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1lt, 2lt, 3lt & 5lt. 

Also available in antique colored bottles of 500 ml & 750 ml.

- Luscious : Rich flavored extra virgin olive oil with the scent of wild celery which grows around olive trees.

Acidity less than 0.3

Available in cans of 100 ml, 175ml, 250ml, 500ml,  1lt, 2lt, 3lt & 5lt.

Also available in antique colored bottles of 500 ml & 750 ml.


-Early harvest unfiltered extra virgin olive oil (small batch) in numbered antique colored glass bottles and elegant cans of 750ml with special safety lid ready to use! A premium product of excellent quality (limited production - harvest early October)

Also flavored extra virgin olive oil, mellow or luscious scented and flavored with organic herbs from cooperating producers (available in antique colored glass bottles of 250 ml capacity).

Bergamot flavored extra virgin olive oil. Highly aromatic with a light spicy aftertaste, excellent source of vitamin C. The characteristic scent and taste of this wonderful citrus fruit makes the product ideal for salads, roast meat or fish.

Black pepper flavored extra virgin olive oil. Black pepper blends  perfectly with extra virgin olive oil and creates a unique dressing,  Adding this exquisite product to our food, not only makes it delicious, but also helps the nutrients of pure extra virgin olive oil become more available and accessible to our system. Great taste and health benefit... all in one!